Poacher's Story

Like the origin of all great Irish ideas, Poacher’s was the result of a conversation shared in a local pub one cold November night.

Faced with the same wall of sugary mixers we’d seen across bars the world over, and ingredients more at home in a lab than in our local watering hole, the obvious question was what were we going to mix our spirits with? What was different, what was natural and what was going to complement our whiskey and gin? The answer wasn’t in that pub or any across Ireland.

But we didn’t just want to be like everyone else. If we were going to make Ireland’s first premium, natural mixers we wanted to use Irish ingredients. Hand cut Irish herbs for our tonic waters from County Meath. Organic Irish apples from County Kilkenny for our ginger ale. And all of them mixed with pure Irish spring water, famous the world over. We knew right then and there that we wanted to bring some seriously good Irish made beverages to the stage. Highlighting the natural ingredients we have on our shores and supporting the communities that grow them.

From that night the idea grew and before long, we found a perfect home for Poacher’s on the beautiful Litterberg Estate in County Wexford, where the bounties of this rich land had been pilfered and poached for centuries.

Of course there are much bigger and louder competitors out there. But we want to show the world we have the skill and know how to make a superior product from our own land.

So yes, we are dedicated to making the best natural Irish mixers for your enjoyment.

Go on, try us.

Recommended Poacher's Serves

Gunpowder Gin, Poacher’s Classic, grapefruit
A refreshingly spicy and very popular all Irish gin and tonic

Hendrick’s Gin, Poacher’s Classic & cucumber
Try Hendrick’s with Poacher’s and taste the subtle rose flavours

Beefeater Gin, Poacher’s Citrus & an orange twist
A bright citrus forward gin and tonic for warm summer days

Jameson, Poacher’s Ginger Ale & lime
The ultimate Jameson ginger & lime

Jawbox Gin, Poacher’s Ginger Ale & honeycomb
A very popular serve from the North, delicious with our ginger ale